1. To give away a grand prize to the Final Fashionista at Rina’s Boutique. Total prize from Rina’s Boutique is a shopping spree worth $10,000.00 and more prizes TBD through additional sponsorship plus instant prizes for challenges to be determined during the contest. The contest must be played in the spirit of fun of which it is intended.
2. Contestants who don’t win the grand prize may also be eligible to keep the designer shoe’s provided by Rina’s Boutique at the beginning of the contest but the contestant must last a minimum of 24 hours from the official start time of the contest.
3. There will also be challenges, instant prizes and possibly Elimination Challenges. Please note that these challenges may be physically and mentally difficult and you have the right not to participate in them and thereby leave the contest. Please note that if you accept a challenge and win you may not actually receive the prize as was set up in the challenge due to changes during the course of the game. Please note that the prizes are subject to substitution.
4. Contest ends when there is 1 Final Fashionista left standing when the 3 days come to an end. The show also reserves the right to terminate the contest at any time and allocate the total prizes amongst the remaining contestants by way of a draw or any other way the show feels is fair. In the case of a tie the show may issue a final challenge to determine an outright winner.
5. The following regulations are intended to ensure the safety of the participants and to ensure that the contest is played in accordance with the spirit and rules of the contest and the purpose of which it was intended. Please read these carefully.
6. The rules of the contest stipulated by the governing body, Rina’s Boutique, must be strictly adhered to throughout the entire contest duration.
Contestants must adhere to all rulings made by the head judge in the absence of a written rule, and all rulings made by the head judge shall be final and binding. The Head Judge may reverse any decision of any Judge within 8 hours of a ruling even if the Contestant left the contest due to a ruling. Replay of any recording will not be accepted as proof of contravention or non-contravention of a rule. Any violations of the rules must be witnessed by an appointed judge just as any referee does in any sporting match.
7. The Contest is a continuous 24-hour for 3 days to see which contestant has the most stamina to survive the contest. There is only 1 type of break allowed, a 15-minute break every 3 hours. Breaks may be on a rotation basis. Break times may also be altered or eliminated.
8. All Contestants must be 18 years of age and older and must show identification that is satisfactory to the judges in their sole discretion and a copy of this document must be added to the logbook and witnessed before the attempt has started.
9. The contest is open to woman only.
10. All prizes are non-transferable and non-negotiable.
11. All applicable Government Taxes and Gratuities where applicable are the sole responsibility of the applicants.
12. One hand must be placed on the clothing rack at all times. Failure to have at least 1 hand on the clothing rack for more than 5 seconds or designated surface will terminate the contestant from the contest. All decisions of the Head Judge will be considered final. Spectators, Contestants or Coaches disturbing the judges will be asked to leave the premises. There will be a minimum of one judge on at all times, judges cannot see everyone at the same time and it is not the intention of the contest to be trivial and destroy the spirit for which it is intended.

13. Leaning with any part of the body or sitting is not permitted but may be allowed at some point during the contest, up to the discretion of the Head Judge. If you wish to change hands you must first place the other hand on the clothing rack and only then remove the first hand. If at any time during the proceedings, the head judge rules in their sole discretion for reasons of health or safety to themselves or to others, that the contestant must cease the event, the contestant must end their attempt or be disqualified from the contest.
14. Contestants are not allowed to substitute with another contestant.
15. Contestants are not allowed to move from their designated positions as determined by the judges.
16. All participants are joining this contest of their own free will.
17.Each contestant is allowed to have one coach present without touching the contestant. There may be times during the contest when the coaches may be asked to leave. Spectators will be kept at a distance from the gaming area.
18.All contestants must be present and logged in between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 a.m. on the date of commencement. All contestants must be available at 10:30 am for a briefing inside Rina’s Boutique.
19. Rina’s Boutique reserves the right to add further rules at any time as necessary for the safety of the contest and with keeping in the spirit of the contest for which it is intended.
20.The contest may be limited to the number of applicants, first come, first served. All the contestants are to fulfill the requirements noted in these rules and regulations. Waiving of the rules is at the sole discretion of the Head Judge.
21.The applicant by signing this, hereby releases and forever discharges Rina’s Boutique, Rob Pagetto, its successors, officers, employees, representatives, its judges, sponsors and its principal related corporations, from all manner of actions, causes of actions, claims, damages and liabilities whatsoever which the applicant may now have or hereby may, can have against the within parties for or by reason of cause, matter or thing whatsoever and specifically including, without limiting the generality of the forgoing, all claims which could be made by physical or psychological injury caused by participating in the event.
22. If you already have an existing contract with any of the sponsors this contest is not open to you.
23. Any immediate family members or employees of shareholders or owners of sponsors or judges will NOT be permitted to enter this contest.
24. If there is an interruption by a spectator on a contestant and the contestant contravenes any of the rules, then in the opinion of the judge such contravention is waived.
25. It is the responsibility of the contestant to be back on time during breaks.
26. Contestants permit Rina’s Boutique to promote them in any normal manner whatsoever including TV shows, commercials, etc.
27. All contestants must wear the Italian designer shoes and clothes provided by Rina’s Boutique at all times during the contest.
28. Each contestant must last a minimum of 24 hours to be able to keep the shoes provided by Rina’s Boutique.