“Rina’s Boutique” is unique place for those who have an unlimited sense of style and taste, and those who are not afraid to dress unusual. This is one of the most distinctive Toronto boutiques: here you will find French and Italian High End shoes and clothes with its own character and philosophy.

“Rina’s Boutique” is considered to be one of the main place in Toronto where you can buy the most interesting pieces of well known and emerging designers.

We are more than a trading space, we are rather an ideology that unites like-minded people: not afraid of experiments and always following the latest fashion. But “Rina’s Boutique” is more than just a store. It’s known not only for its excellent selection of shoes and clothing brands, but also for events – from publishing a luxury fashion magazine to unique charity events. And as part of “Rina’s Boutique”twentieth anniversary,for the first time in history of Toronto fashion industry it was decided to make a knockdown landmark event – “The Last Fashionista”.